Who We Are

Loraxian has a long history of solving major sustainability issues facing modern society. During the last decade, it designed, developed, and successfully field-tested an entirely new model to deliver large infrastructure projects to the public sector. Field-tested over a four-year period at a community in northern Ontario, Canada, Loraxian now looks to use this model for a broad range of applications at other public sector organizations with a goal of future-proofing their public infrastructure.

While Loraxian feels its model addresses many of the barriers currently preventing public infrastructure projects from moving forward, it does not address how to best solve some of the world’s primary environmental issues. While it was field-testing its proprietary model, it identified a number of systemic environmental issues facing the waste and energy sectors it felt it could address. In the waste sector, Loraxian developed strategies to end plastic waste now by finding environmentally-friendly ways to give discarded plastic a second life. In the power sector, it developed strategies to lessen the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

With its background in developing solutions to complex infrastructure and environmental issues, Loraxian has become a leader in helping modern society be truly sustainable.

Our Vision:

A truly sustainable modern society.

Our Mission:

To design, manufacture, build, and provide the equipment, technologies, infrastructure, expertise, and funding necessary to create a truly sustainable modern society.